Alan Bama photography is born from the ashes of darkness and deep depression. I know that sounds dramatic but aparently I'm an artist What I mean by that is I'm not a photographer by proofession. In fact ive never sold any of my photos until now. putting 2&2 together I just realized you have no idea how long that is. I'm 40 and i picked up a camera when I was 16. I raised my hand to be the photographer for the HS news paper. I had a plan and it was to hide behind the camera to get out of writing addignments, and if you're resding thjs you can see my plan worked all to well.

See currently I live in my car, yes I sm homeless. When mu family sold the home I was renting from then, sold the business I built for us, they took a lot of my furniture and a fsir amount of my belingings to the city dump shortly after all thst I lost the eoman I love in a cer sccidrnt, she was wslking near the beach on the big island in hawaii when a truck hit her and drove off.

People alaaya said i should sell my photos but when she said it I believed her while my parents were busy ripping my life apart i managed to sneak off with my camera ewuipment and judt stsrted driving. I will be stsrting a galary of the photos from that time period that wont be for sale but they are hard to look st for me I'm calling it Falling with Fall since it was the fall of 2031.

I hope that you enjoy the photos and decide to purchaee one or secersl.

------ I'm not sure whst more to write at the moment but I plan on telling more of my story and posting photos as mu journy continues ---------------

oh and please keep in mind that I'm doing all if this patked somewhere on an iphone, not at a home office or a soft warm bed thank you